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What To Expect

You’ve completed your Design Discovery Questionnaire, Initial Consultation, and we are moving forward on your project. Congratulations! The following takes you through the general roadmap for what’s to come...

Conceptual Design

  • Programming/Determining the projects requirements
  • Budget Review
  • Schedule and Timeline Development
  • Design Inspiration/Concept Development
  • Preliminary Drawings 

Schematic Design

  • Detailed drawings for construction, including key elevations and sections if required
  • Preliminary finish/product selection
  • Rough estimates by the contractor/s can begin happening in this phase
  • Roughly 1-2 client meetings


Design Development

  • Finalize the design/finish selections
  • Finalize any drawings and elevations
  • Finalize any drawings for permit/structural/etc. (if required)
  • Revise estimates if required
  • Contractor bidding begins
  • Roughly 1-2 client meetings



Design Implementation


  • Procurement 
  • Construction begins
  • Periodic site visits and client meetings to review progress/changes
  • Provide any addition drawings required
  • Manage the installation of materials and/or furniture
  • Punch list
  • Final walk-thru​
  • Photograph your project


Communication is key.

Good, thorough communication is critical to keep projects moving forward, on-time and within budget. Behind the scenes, we are in constant communication with our contractors and vendors to ensure that everyone is moving forward in the same direction. 


Our goal is to involve you in all decision making and keep you abreast of key milestones throughout the project, without bogging you down with the finer details. We utilize two web based platforms that help keep you informed of what is going on and your project on track.


We use a tool called Honeybook for contract management. This enables us to keep contracts in one centralized location. Your initial contract will come through this system for your signature and approval.


We use a software called Ivy for purchase approvals, ordering and billing/payments. You can access your Ivy Client Dashboard via a link that we will email to you.

Client Dashboard


  • Approve or Decline selections directly from AWID proposals

  • View and Approve Purchase Orders and Invoices

  • Make online payments via Credit Card or ACH/Bank Transfer

  • Payments can also be made via Venmo (for certain amounts and via personal check.

Stay in touch.

We observe standard business hours of Monday through Friday 9-5PM. However, in the event that a meeting or call with a contractor or vendor must take place on a weekend, outside of business hours, or we will do our best to accommodate. 


Our preference is to keep track of project based communication in email format, as such we understand the importance of timely communication and will typically get back to you within 24-48 hours. Should something that requires a faster response arise, please feel free to reach out via call or text. 


We do our best to respect your and our work/life balance, so communication outside of business hours will be kept to a minimum.

colorfully designed outdoor space

There may be some bumps along the way, but we have your back.

The budget is used as a guideline to show what is possible within a certain range. It’s always possible to find materials or furnishings at both ends of the spectrum, it just comes down to your taste and what you’d like to spend. I may propose something that is over budget because I think it is the best route to go and best use of the budget. This is when good communication comes into play to make sure we are in alignment and you understand the reasoning behind a particular design decision.


There are also certain items that are not typically accounted for in an interior design budget. This includes surround sound, and electronics, for instance. If these are items that need to be included, please make sure to communicate that.


Order Issues
When working with custom fabrication and vendors, we can occasionally encounter delays or issues that are out of our control. We do our best to proactively manage all the moving pieces of your project and minimize the impact on you.


It’s okay to change your mind, but it’s important to understand that when changes are made additional costs or delays may be incurred. 


We understand that sometimes life happens and you may need to postpone various aspects of your project. If materials have already been specified, we encourage you to purchase the materials and then hold off on installation. This ensures that you get the fabric or tile that you can’t live without.


We use a receiver for all furniture. This ensures that any defects or damaged items are remedied in advance of delivery for one seamless installation experience. 

For remodels and renovations, fixtures and finishes will be delivered on-site as they are available. These items should be inspected and signed off on by the homeowner, contractor or designer at the time of receipt. Should any items delivered come in damaged, photos of damaged boxes and items should be sent to the person who placed the order for processing of the replacement or repair.


The timeline is used as a guideline for the project. There are instances where parts of the process may move faster, and others where we encounter a fabrication delay or a backordered/discontinued material that needs to be respecified. We will always do our best to drive the project forward as expeditiously and effectively as possible. 


Vendor/Contractor Meetings
More often than not, meetings in which designer attendance is needed are planned with enough advance notice that we can participate. In the event that a last minute meeting is necessary, we will do our best to accommodate it.

Now let's create the home you've always dreamed about!

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